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My pear trees appear to be dying!

I bought from a major supermarket then planted two pear trees last year, they seemed to get off to a good start, then began their decline, they are all but perished, leaves curled inward, plant stem rotting down from the top.When planted the soil was more or less level with the graft, what I see now is the graft is two to three inches out of the soil leading me to only one conclusion that the earth has sank.



Well, the graft should be exposed, anyway. You want to just barely cover the "root flair", where the topmost roots emerge from the trunk. Being buried too deep over the past year may have done the damage--what is the state of the bark between the graft and the root flair?

23 Aug, 2015


Thanks for the reply, Well, yes, probably the graft should be exposed, but not this much exposed.I recall following the instruction card and it saying the graft should not be covered, but not in as many words. The apple tree that I planted next to it all on the same day is bearing fruit, no different planting regime, no different soil mixture and no different approach, however apart from following the instruction card, regarding the planting, really I know nothing about fruit trees as I have never planted a fruit tree in my life before these.

23 Aug, 2015


Here's a good illustration of how a tree--of any kind--should be planted
When trees are planted too deep, the buried bark smothers and dies, or is killed by various collar rot fungi. When that happens, the sugar produced by the leaves can't get down to the roots, and the roots eventually die of starvation, sometimes several years later. Apple trees are more resistant than pears, but I would still inspect the buried bark of it, too.
Another possibility is that it contracted fire blight, a bacterial disease spread mainly by dirty pruning shears, and occasionally by honeybees. Don't curse the bees, though--without bees, there are no pears! Fire blight rarely outright kills the trees, though.

23 Aug, 2015

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