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Bamboo plant problem

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My mother's neighbour has a bamboo plant growing in her garden. The problem is that my mother keeps finding bamboo shoots growing in her garden. Is there anything she can do to stop this happening?



Chop the root off and then cover it with household salt it wont come back.
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6 Aug, 2008


To prevent further shoots, sink a piece of glass substitute to a spades depth., I have used this to control a very tough Bamboo .

6 Aug, 2008


......or you could always throw a bit of industral week killer over the fence at night when no one can see you! (tehehehe) - evil manic laughter! lol - no seriously i think it is quite inconsiderate that your neighbour has planted this next to the fence. if you are friendly with the neighbour, why not have a word with them, and explain the difference between the clump foarming varieties and the thugs, maybe saggest some altenatives to the variety they have, you could also point out that once established very hard to get rid of, 'comes up in the lawn, can damage house foundations, paths ect..... ' they might not be so keen on growing it then! lol

7 Aug, 2008

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