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How has everyones weather been


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Could you get into your gardens pored here all day and still is.



Pretty dry in the west midlands Scotkat
and quite humid really.

6 Aug, 2008


A little drizzle this morning otherwise overcast but very humid here. Done my eight hours today. Reasonably pleasant as it didn't get too hot just sticky!
Not much of a summer so far is it!

6 Aug, 2008


flooded out of it here today Scotkat

6 Aug, 2008


Damp, muggy, cloudy and drizzly, Scotkat - now we're waiting for Irish's rain to come across to us tomorrow!!!!

6 Aug, 2008


has been raining here this past hour and a half, have always wanted to live near water but a river running past my drive is not funny, have been waiting to geta patio laid but instead have a swimming pool lol

6 Aug, 2008


East Berkshire - dry all day. Cloudy this morning, sunny and humid this afternoon. Got a lot done outside

6 Aug, 2008


ah nice one Andrew, i am glad someone got decent weather, kev seemed to have gotten it too

6 Aug, 2008

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