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By Eddie

United Kingdom Gb

We have this in a large pot growing up a shed and in full sun in mornings and part afternoon. It has been in 2 years and this year had only a few scented flowers when the books say it should produce them from June to October. Any ideas why please?

On plant Jasminium Officiale



Think of the start of your question...........Pot.............
Hope this helps
Best Wishes

6 Aug, 2008


They do not like being confined to a pot. Cut it back and plant it in the ground.

6 Aug, 2008


Basically it is hungry. Either plant out as said, or repot in a bigger pot and give it some liquid feed.

6 Aug, 2008


If it has to be in a pot , try giving it Rose or Tomato Fertilizer

6 Aug, 2008

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