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Why do the instructions for tomorite say 4.5 litres per two plants whereas the Tesco's equivalent says the same for 8 plants. The makeup of the fertiliser seems to be more or less the same.



Well I don't actually have any tomorite to check, but surely it just gives a dilution ratio, that is, how much tomorite to a certain measure of water, rather than telling you how much of the diluted mix should be watered on each plant? Though for all I know, the pack does tell you that. What I do know is, sometime in the last 4 years, Tomorite altered the instructions - they used to say 20ml in 9 litres of water, but now say 20 ml in 4.5 litres of water. Which might indicate they've changed the formulation to a lower NPK OR simply diluted the formulation with more water. The NPK is currently 4-3-8 but I don't know what it used to be - higher I think. That's one way of selling you half the original product for the full original price without anyone realising I guess.

Tesco don't make their own tomato fertiliser, but they do sell Doff Tomato fertiliser - the NPK on that is higher at 5-5-10 compared to Tomorite, so that might be why, the Doff one is more concentrated.

23 Jul, 2015


I just use Epsom salts sprinkled around each plant and water in once a fortnight - never let me down yet -

24 Jul, 2015


Hi, welcome to GoY, I think it's just a way of getting you to buy more tomorite, the plants may not need that much water, especially if you water them before you feed them, Derek.

24 Jul, 2015

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