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Non flowering rhododendron

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I have a rhododendron, which is in a tub, when I brought it, it was in flower, last year it budded but they went brown and fell off. This year it has budded but they have not opened. What is wrong??



Hello Joanpearson18

Rhododendrons Need Acid Soil to survive if it is restricted from sending down tap roots because it is in a pot then your success rate is minimized......
May i suggest finding a place for it in your garden where it can stay for a couple of years to establish itself.
Hope this helps
Best Wishes

6 Aug, 2008


Rhodos need a moist acid soil. Failure to set or open flower buds can be an indication of insufficient moisture (having said that, they do not want to be sitting in water either).

6 Aug, 2008

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