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strathclyde, United Kingdom Gb

Ive grown lots of lavender from seed they have just flowered but they are tall and skinny with just one flower on each, should i have pinched off center when they were small? I am about to grow a different type for next spring and want to get it right this time. Shall i trim these ones after flowereing will that help to make them bushier?



Trim them lightly. Leave some new growth. Are they getting some sun. My lavender go leggier in the shade. They should bush out for next year.

6 Aug, 2008


JUst how tall are they? You should be able to trim them back, I usually do mine when I cut the flowers. A healthy plant will cope and soon put out new growth from lower down on the plant. These trimming are all great for cuttings.

6 Aug, 2008


About a foot and a half just one flower at top of each nice though but some are falling over. They are in sun but havent had much of it. And they are egyptian lavender by the way dont know if that different. Thanks i try to trim.

6 Aug, 2008

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