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HELP,last year i killed a lily beetle,this year ive killed 6 plus two in my dads garden,ive just come back from two day away had a wander round my garden like you do coz it changes so much in a day,and my lily is all eaten i turn over leaves and theres tons well sixteen bugs covered in what looks like wet poo,ive cut the lilys right back do i have to kill the bulbs,ive got seven pots of lilys but they only seem to be in this pot alone,please say i dont have to kill them and how to stop this happening again,someone told me to water them with garlic water which i have been doing,thankyou for any help



The 'wet poo' is the covering of the larval stage of the beetle, so you definitely need to get rid if that. I found that Pyrethrum based insecticides work and are reasonably organic, used as per the instructions with regard to bees etc.
You do need to go over the plants every day looking for the adults, but there is no need to destroy the actual bulbs. We have a fair number in the garden, not in pots, and they are growing well. I just go over them every day and kill any beetles I see. Never ending battle though.

9 Jul, 2015


thankyou ive been freaking out about them,the bulbs they are on I got in bruge(belgium)and all the rest at harrogate garden fair which seem clear,i would hate to lose them.

9 Jul, 2015

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