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Hello, we have two Lonicera Simillis Delavayi in different positions in the garden. They were planted last year and now have many flower buds on BUT many of the leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Initially i though a fungus - black spot or insects - there are some holes in some leaves BUT many of the leaves are just yellowing! Could it be lack of nutrients in the soil - we havent fed them this year at all. many thanks for any help you can give...

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It's a semi-evergreen so will lose leaves throughout the year. It does need a moist soil, I wonder if it has dried out at all? Not hardy, so you were probably lucky to get your plants through their first winter!

7 Jul, 2015


What is your soil like? Yellowing leaves often means lack of elements such as manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium or nitrogen. This could be because the element is in short supply in the soil or because the plant can't take it up due to water-logging or being too dry. Acid and alkali soils can also affect availability and take up!

7 Jul, 2015


lack of water and magnesium are the usual causes. water well and add a teaspoon of Epson salts / magnesium sulphate to a gallon of water and water every 2 weeks for a couple of months and that should perk it up.

8 Jul, 2015


Thanks for the advice. The soil is clay and although i dont know the ph, azaleas and other acid loving plants are happy in it. It certainly is dry next to the fence so yes we will water and take up the idea of applying epsom salts

8 Jul, 2015

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