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Globe artichoke vs. Cardoon?


By Jess

United Kingdom

I am confused now. Cynara cardunculus seems to be both cardoon and globe artichoke yet my picture looks completely different fron the cardoons that have been posted. Are they one and the same?

On plant Cynara cardunculus



C.cardunculus is cardoon
C.scolymus is globe artichoke
Same family so related but different

5 Aug, 2008


Thanks Andrew.
Just checked on the RHS website and even there it is known as C. cardunculus but they have added "Scolymus Group". Seems both are edible but mine is tastier lol!

5 Aug, 2008


I'm not eating mine, Jess, it's staying in the border!

5 Aug, 2008


LOL! I have about 20 heads on three seperate plants so I can afford to eat a few and they are really delicious. I did grow them to eat them. Never thought for a minute they would grow so well if at all!

5 Aug, 2008

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