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By Jenny2

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We have two dogs, one of whichis a bitch, so we end up with patches all over, and it's only a small lawn.

I read conce that a dollpt of Tomato Ketchip in the doogs food would precent the patches, so we tried it. In the beginging it seemed to work, but now the patchs have returned.
Have you any idea what we can do and, apart from taking the lawn up and replacing it with artificial turf, is there a substitute such as chammomile that is har wearing adn will stnad up to a dogs urine please.



The best thing is to keep a watering can near the lawn and water the place where they 'go' at once to dilute the wee. This will stop dead patches. I heard that there was something available to put in their water - from the vet or pet shops. It's worth asking!

5 Aug, 2008

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