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Rose suckers

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How do I know if 'bramble' type stems are suckers from an old rose or just weeds?



Excavate the soil around them. If they are attached to the rose roots, they are suckers and should be pulled off - do not cut them off as they will probably grow again. If they are not attached, they are weeds

5 Aug, 2008


Simply count the number of leaves on the stem 5 its a rose shoot...7 its a sucker
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5 Aug, 2008


Thanks for replies to Buffriddler and Andrewr. Here's the next problem! I chopped the neglected main rose stem, 5cm diameter, blooms over 4 metres up in apple tree, down to 50 cm high in April. Now loads of shoots with 7 leaves are growing vigorously from that stump. Several meters away are straggly things on thin green stalks with 5 leaves. Will the main stem recover? Shall I cut off the suckers or will more grow. regards, learnerplanter

16 Aug, 2008


Don't cut off suckers! If you do, they think they have been pruned and grow again. You have to dig down to where they are attached, and pull them off! Not always easy.

16 Aug, 2008

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