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I have a 'Persicaria runciforme 'but can't find any informatin on it

On plant Persicaria



I'm not surprised, it seems not to exist as a name, even Google comes up with nothing. Persicaria bit's fine, its the runciforme that doesn't exist.

21 Jul, 2010


Hi Irene,

The reason that you can't find your plant is that is has changed was originally Persicaria runcinata, but is now Polygonum runciforme.

21 Jul, 2010


Ah good old Ilex - mind, I'm surprised that Google didn't come up with it, it always seems to be up to date with name changes.

21 Jul, 2010


Thanks Bamboo, I do try :-)

I think the problem was that Irene had part of the old name and part of the new name, so that combination wasn't appearing in searches.

21 Jul, 2010


Lord, I must be half asleep today, I never even noticed the Polygonum bit, lol

21 Jul, 2010


Thanks all

21 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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