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Winter in the North East


By Rosetta

RI, United States

I need to have some nature growing and wonder what other ppl in the NE grown inside as house plant that can stand a dry heat. I have a Christmas cactus that I've had for about 4 years and it is in full bloom now..but I'd like to have some other plants too. Any help or ideas will be appreciated.



Hallo Rosetta - I am far from living in the NE, as I'm in the SW - (lol) but I hope I can help you with a few suggestions for house plants which may survive or even thrive in dry heat. Here are a few: Aechmea, Billbergia, cacti & succulents, Spider plants, Dracaena godseffiana. Rubber plants. Otherwise, if these don't appeal, you could increase the humidity around lots of different plants by standing your choice in a dish of small stones/grit with water in the dish. Hope this helps and you get your nature around you.

2 Dec, 2007


Hi spritzhenry..thanks for the advice and list of plants. Winters are so long here..I need some mother nature.

3 Dec, 2007


Winters are long full stop!!! I would not be able to live without plants and flowers around me, so I understand your need completely..

3 Dec, 2007

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