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damson plum trees removal


By Glenn1

United Kingdom Gb

hello, i need advise on damson trees for which unfortunely i had to remove 2 of them from the bottom of my garden, i tiddesley dug down to the bottom of the roots of these trees' and removed the stumps by one man and a shovel 'hard work',and the reason for this was that the roots of the tree seems to be growing under my lawn and the are now popping in a 6 foot perimeter like sucker trees , even though i've remove the large trees'' i presumed where the cut root would die off,. but they are popping-up though the lawn ,i fort if the tree were removed that the roots remaining would die 'but there are not if anything ther growing in my lawn with avengence..please could anybody advise me on what to do next please.. thanks glenn

On plant unknown



I dont think it matters if Blogs are misspelt !!! I do it all the Time :)
Sorry I can't help with your Problem Glen, im a Newbee to fruit Trees..Dee...
Ps, something Weird here..

24 Sep, 2008


I think ur rite there Dee : / Sorry uv not been given any help Glenn1&by all means dont worry about Spelling im the worst speller here lol :D

24 Sep, 2008

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