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Hello i have two plants that have appeared in the garden and im wondering if they are legitimate plants or invasive weeds. The first is fairly tall ie about 2 feet or more with yellow flowers. The second hasnt flowered yet,is alot shorter has more oval/triangular type of soft somewhat hairy leaves but seems very invasive - there are some strawberry plants in that photo as well!! Can you help me identify these please so i can decide what to do with them. Thanks very much.

Img_1253 Img_1252



the yellow is greater celandine and is a British wild flower, I have it in the garden and don't find it get sto be too much of a problem. If you don't want it, it is a weed. the other is a betony of some sort and is usually classed as a weed in any ones garden. it has a tendency to run so I'd definitely remove that. it stinks too.

20 May, 2015


All plants are 'legitimate' it simply depends whether you want them in your garden!

20 May, 2015


The second one is Hedge Woundwort, Stachys sylvatica. It spreads by long stolons, try to get every bit out and don't compost it.

23 May, 2015


Thanks very much. The Hedge Woundwort will have to go...

24 May, 2015

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