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I have a small 2-1/2 ft. deep pond (about 1 cu. yd. in total area) at the end of a waterfall and stream that I'm shutting down for maybe a few years. I'm keeping the pond drained of water and was thinking of filling the pond with dirt that can be removed if and when we would like to turn the water feature back on. Will moisture from rain, etc. be able to evaporate and not cause problems, or will I need to make cuts into the liner, something I'm trying to avoid. What do you think? Any other suggestions?



If you're leaving the liner in place, you will have to make holes in it for drainage - even then you might find its suitable for a bog garden but little else, unless you make lots of holes.

11 May, 2015


I'd be tempted to fill it half full with stones/gravel etc then put soil on top and use it as a bog garden area.

12 May, 2015

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