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I have just grown from the tubers of last year two calla lillies the one with a varigated leaf which leaves are all curled up. The other is the normal white lilly but only has two small flowers whereas last year it had three large ones. I love the garden but do not have a great knowledge of everything hopefully you can help and tell me where I have gone wrong with both lillies. Thank you. Would add theat they are in a pot and in a bulb fibre.



Thank you

20 Jul, 2010


These plants like postively bog like conditions, so if you've got them in bulb fibre, that's the wrong compost - it dries out quickly so that proper bulbs like hyacinth don't rot, but this isn't that kind of plant. They need frequent watering so that their compost (multi purpose) is always damp.
Note that bulb fibre is nutrient poor, and if you're going to repot, make sure the pots are big enough to allow for extra growth at the roots.

20 Jul, 2010

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