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Can anyone identify this rose for me please?




Is it local to you in Spain, Gwen?

My first thought is Celebration.
Could you narrow it down by saying what sort of height it is, whether it is a shrub or climber/rambler and are the darker flecks on all the blooms (they make it a bit more distinctive but might just be a fluke).

1 May, 2015


Hi Urbanite, thanks for answering. The Rose was here when we bought the property and we bought it in 2005 from an old couple so I assume it is local. It's a shrub and the main plant stands around 70cm high with the blooms above. We have only just moved back over here and I don't remember it having the flecks before but it has had more water of late so could that make a difference? The flecks are on most of the petals and all flowers.

1 May, 2015


I wondered where you had taken photo - UK or Spain. Many roses are 'international' but there will be some that are suited to warmer climate that we just don't see in the UK.
The flecks could be typical for the breed or may be the result of more/less water/sunshine/warmth.
Not much help, I'm afraid. You could give it a name you like!

1 May, 2015


Ha ha, what do you suggest Urbanite - maybe pretty stripey pink rose? Thanks for your help anyway☺

1 May, 2015


How about asking at the Botanical gardens - there may be a rose enthusiast.

2 May, 2015

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