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Could anyone identify this plant, my mother-in-law has it and would like to know more about it to care for it properly. Sorry this picture isn't clearer.
Thanks to anyone who can help




I think the flower looks like an Impatiens. or Busy Lizzie type.

4 Aug, 2008


My first thought was Achimenes????

5 Aug, 2008


Yes, could well be!

5 Aug, 2008


Looks like Achimenes Peach Blossom. It is related to the African Violet and are also called 'Hot Water Plants' because to propagate them you need to soak the rizomes in hand hot water for about 12 hours before planting in a propagator. It needs to be kept in free draining soil and fed every couple of weeks in the growing season. It likes to be in the light but not direct sunlight and watered regularly. However in the winter it will die down and become dormant. When it does keep it dry and in the Spring, start watering it carefully. It should take off again.

5 Aug, 2008

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