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By Frantic

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

please could you advice me as to how I can prevent badgers from digging up new grass turfs I have just had laid. Every morning the turfs are moved. I water them every evening. Please help?



thank you

19 Jul, 2010


Oh how I sympathise....we have suffered from badgers all the years we've lived here...and we're in Somerset, too. They've dug up the lawns and even some containers last winter - to eat my new bulbs. I was at my wits' ends.

In the end, my husband has installed an electric fence around the area where they were getting in. That's stopped them. You need to find out where the tunnel is first, as badgers use the same route into your garden every time.

By law, you can't interfere with badger setts, but you can prevent them from coming onto your property from outside in this way. It wasn't expensive to do, and isn't dangerous to our dog. It runs off small batteries, too.

You might know Mole Valley Farmers...that's where we went to buy the fence etc.

19 Jul, 2010

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