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I have 3 flames of the forrest - 2 doing really well and the other is a bit straggly - any suggestions on the cause or what I can do to help it? The plants are in the ground and at the end of my driveway - all having the same conditions of sun, wind etc.



You don't say where they're growing, in the ground or in pots, and not much information otherwise to go on, really. What's different about the growing conditions of the straggly one? does it get more sun, and therefore dries out quicker, for instance? Windier position?

19 Jul, 2010


thanks - I have updated the question now.

21 Jul, 2010



21 Jul, 2010


Well they're obviously not getting quite the same conditions if one is straggly - is the straggly one more exposed, say on the end? Could be its drying out more - these plants are woodland growers, liking dappled shade, not full sun, and shelter from wind. Trim over the straggly one and give it a good cut back next year after it has flowered to encourage new growth.

21 Jul, 2010


thanks, I certainly will try this.

22 Jul, 2010

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