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fabric flower

I uploaded my unknown plant image to growsonyou. It has an interesting artificial looking white flower that looks to be made of frayed cotton (its not) any help with identification?




hi, it is very different is'nt it! i have not seen this one before but it does bear a bit of a resemblance to Gloxinia, bit of a long shot but could be a really unusal variety?

29 Nov, 2007


The leaves dont look quite right for Gloxinia, but I hope someone knows for sure and will let us know.

29 Nov, 2007


yes me too would be interested to know what it is - it's not one i have seen before to be honest and sometimes hard to tell leaf texture etc from a picture the flower looks a bit like wax flower but the leaves are all wrong for that, good luck i hope you find out.

30 Nov, 2007


From the leaves, it looks like it may be a saintpaulia (African Violet).
Check out some of the images on

30 Nov, 2007

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