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australian tree fern

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I have an australian tree fern which does very well, but when I cut the fronds off at the ned of the season the opening for next years growth is getting smaller each time, consequently the fronds are smaller each year. Is this normal? Any suggestions!!!!



Why not let mother nature take care of it.
Let it run wild for a couple of seasons.
Best Wishes

4 Aug, 2008


I have Australian treeferns, lol. I only cut the fronds off when they are dead, brown and dry so to speak. Let the other go. It really has no seasons, it is a fern tree and doesn't shed its fronds like other trees when going dormant. They don't mind the cold, and some don't mind blasting sunshine either. There are several species, each growing in their own region. Which one do you have?

4 Aug, 2008


I leave the fronds on over winter, only cutting off as new growth comes through. Ours respond well to tree fern fertilizer every few weeks in the summer

5 Aug, 2008

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