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Can i put gravel on top of stone?

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I want to put gravel down on my patio. At present it has got crazy paving and the dranage is fine. I would like to put the cotswald gravel but would like to know whether i can put it on top of the crazy paving or do i have to take the stone up first? There is just ordinary earth under the crazy paving. The size of the patio is approximately 14 ft by 10 ft



Carol we are in middle o fdoing this an area roudn back had bulmullo red chips.

We have lifted and disposed most of them left a little for drainiage and then laid thick black landscape membrane and laid blue slate on top .

Which i svery effective.

Last part across path will be alpine gravel similar colour to costwald .Still got rid of chips an dthen membrane again.

Does this help you .

3 Aug, 2008


You can cover the paving with gravel if you wish but it would have to be deep enough so that it would not scuff away to show the paving.Taking the paving up would be better really but more work.

3 Aug, 2008

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