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By Segovia

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb


Do you know the name of this Yellow Daisy?

The old growth has died back, but I do have a lot of green foliage at the base, is this new growth. For some reason, it does not seem to be part of the original plant (;-)

Dscn0181 Imag0883




14 Mar, 2015


Those leaves do not belong to the yellow daisy.

14 Mar, 2015


If the yellow daisy is actually a Rudbeckia (and it looks like it, though hard to be certain from the distance in the photo), these plants often 'move', producing growth a little away from where it previously grew, but the leaves splaying onto the path appear to be those of some sort of runner or running plant rather than Rudbeckia, though the individual leaves are not dissimilar to those produced by the plant. Time will tell, as growth speeds up, it'll become obvious.

14 Mar, 2015


I thought it was alien to the plant, however I have another Rudbeckia about 6 feet away and that is exactly the same. Could this be a weed that piggybacks onto Rudbeckia

14 Mar, 2015


No, it could actually be the Rudbeckia, especially if the other one's looking the same, and the only reason it looks a bit like a 'runner' is because there's no soil beneath it as its on the path.

14 Mar, 2015


Does anyone else have a Rudbeckia in their garden, easy way to check ?

15 Mar, 2015


Just been out with a torch to have a look. Hardly anything showing yet but there is one leaf that looks very like those in your pic.

15 Mar, 2015


Hi Steragram, many thanks - I am sure they must have been like this last year it is just that I have never noticed.

15 Mar, 2015


I used to have, which is why I think some of the leaves present are probably early growth from yours.

16 Mar, 2015

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