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i have just cut down a long hedge in my garden to give me more garden room,what i would like to know is;how do i get rid of the stumps to stop it growing back, any help appreciated,



Hello Maureenmc
Thats easy dig a channel around the root ball and then add some White Spirit to the trunk.
Then yes youve got it burn them out....
this really works as that was what i did to mine many years ago and no trace of them exists.
Best Wishes

2 Aug, 2008


That sounds great Buffridler. Many years ago I used sodium chlorate, which would soak into the stump and afyter a few weeks once set alightn it burnt the roots from the inside, vbut now the weed killer is treated to avoid this happening, as occasionally a user whould get it on his leather boots and once dry they could catch fire. I imagine it is now unobtaiable without a licence.. Alternative is to cut deep notches in the stumps causing them to rot away, which could taake a long time.

3 Aug, 2008

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