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evergreen shrub or tree needed to screen something ugly .


By Vivien

United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone suggest an evergreen shrub or small tree that will quickly grow to screen something ugly next door? Needs to amke 7ft absolute minimum but much higher would be fine ? vivien



Quick growing to seven feet and then stops? The impossible dream. How wide would this tree/shrub have to be? And what growing conditions?
First stab - a mahonia

2 Aug, 2008


One of the Pyracanthas? Evergreen, lovely blossom and bright berries in the autumn. Downside - they are prickly!

3 Aug, 2008


Viburnum Burkwoodii. Golden Privet. Buddleia globosa I imagine you are prepared to cut it back once high enough, for this is a real big fella, but soft wood that is easy to trim or break into shape.

3 Aug, 2008

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