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Why have I never had any flowers on my 4 year old Phlox?



How annoying for you! I am assuming that it's a Phlox paniculata. Does it get enough sun where it is? Where did you get it from - was it a reputable place? Was it bought as a baby or a full-grown plant? Is it otherwise healthy and do you feed it? I would love to be able to give you an answer - sorry for the inquisition, just trying to think round it.

2 Aug, 2008


Thank you very much for your reply. The answer is Yes to all of your questions, & when it didn't flower in the first year I bought another one & planted it about 6ft. away & this one flowers superbly. The first one is not in quite as sunny a place but it is not really in the shade & the plant itself is very healthy, maybe I should try moving it or give up all together. Thanks once again. Una.

3 Aug, 2008


I think you may be right - try moving it into the sun. Good luck. Strange, though - some of mine are in full sun and others don't get so much, but they all flower OK.

3 Aug, 2008

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