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An odd one, sorry! I'm writing a scene for a novel which is set in Washington D.C. and my main character is looking out of her window at a tree growing in her garden. It's an urban garden -- she lives near DuPont Circle. I was hoping for some suggestions on what type of tree this should be. I don't live in DC and know very little about trees. The tree needs to be fairly large, established, preferably native to the D.C. area, and pretty. Any suggestions very welcome!



I would go for an English Oak that was planted years ago by the first few settlers to remind them of home.

1 Aug, 2008


Some members of the amelanchier genus (snowy mespilus) come form eastern North America.
A.canadensis reaches twenty feet, has white blossom in the spring, berries and autumn colour.
Does this help?

1 Aug, 2008


silver birch has all the aspects you need :)

1 Aug, 2008


There are some native oaks and pines in the DuPont Circle area, if I remember correctly. But if the character has any view of The Mall then the most common tree is not a native but is Japanese Cherries. There are thousands of cherry trees in DC and before the founding of the city the whole area was a swamp.

1 Aug, 2008


After doing a little research and taking a look at Google Earth. The most common trees in and near DuPont Circle seem to be maples and dogwoods. As DuPont Circle is 3 blocks from the mall I guess unless the character is on an upper floor they would not be able to see The Mall.

2 Aug, 2008


Thanks so much for the help, everyone! I'll put you in my acknowledgements if this novel gets published. :)

4 Aug, 2008

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