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My bay tree is in a pot and about 7ft tall. The leaves start to turn brown from the tip of the leaves. This usually happens just before I put it back outside in the spring. I trim off all the brown leaves but they come back each fall when I take it in the house. Help



One of the reasons (there are a few for this condition) could be a lack of humidity. The reason why you take it into the house is that the house is warm, right? Many houses in the USA have forced air heat with no humidifier. The humidity in this type of situation could be 50% more or less. Since this seems to be a recurrent situation which has done the tree no harm, you may continue to do as you have done or you can purchase a room humidifier to raise the moisture content of the air in the room where the plant is located. Also, the tree might be getting root bound so you might want to consider repotting it and adding fresh soil. Of course when repotting trim the plant back a bit on the top and on the root ball.

25 Jan, 2015


We have a bay tree planted in a raised bed and it copes with freezing temperatures. It went down to -4 overnight a couple of years ago but perhaps it gets colder where you are.

25 Jan, 2015


Thank you for the info, I take the bay tree in the house because I thought the cold temperatures would kill it. If I leave the tree outside will it dye of the cold? Tulsa Oklahoma does not get below zero for more than a short time. I think I will start putting it in the garage where it should not be a dry as the inside of the house. ejdevinney

27 Jan, 2015


Does your garage have light and warmth. If not, the tree will die.

27 Jan, 2015

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