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cornflowers or chicory?


By Delsgal

United Kingdom Gb

On my daily walks with my dogs in our local country park I have admired what I believed to be cornflowers but recently a lady, who appeared very knowledgable, told me with certainty they were chicory. Is there a major difference and could I grow either in containers in my garden.



There is a major difference. Chicory, Cichorum species are mebers of the Daisy family. the flowers look like Blue, white or pin daisies.

30 Jul, 2008


Chicory is growng quite happily planted in my garden. While it could be grown in a container, it is not a very attractive plant (in my opinion) and should be placed behind other things but where the flowers still show

30 Jul, 2008


The plant you have is Chicory. It is a hardy perennial and native to our chalk downs. Cornflowers are annuals best sown either in late Spetember or in Spring. You might have to grow your Chicory from seed, bought from the Vegetable section. They would both prefer a loam based compost such as John Innes once the seedlin gs can be put in their final containers.

30 Jul, 2008


The Chicory sold in the Vegetable sectkion labelled Endive is an annual. If you want the seeds of the perennial one, then look out for Cichorum intybus. As said the flowers are pretty, but the plant itself is a bit straggly and needs support or it flops all over its neighbours.

31 Jul, 2008


I'm glad you said that.Owdboggy. I was going to get some for myself and would have bought the vegetable, which would have been sad as I don't like the taste. We live and learn.

2 Aug, 2008


And sorry it should be Cichorium intybus, I missed the 'i' out in the name.

2 Aug, 2008

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