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hi could some one help me again, i took the little red fence thing out of garden,an now it looks to much stone, so i would like to try a border, but no idea what to put there? bought a cordyline red star from b&q, but now realise that is better in pot,see learning all time,would like maybe a mix of er somethin like cordyline and maybe fushias? please help the pic is before i took little fence thing out,




I'm not sure what to suggest but scroll to the bottom of the page, choose letterB and you'll find all the b's listed including about 700! border ideas--- hope it helps

3 Jul, 2010


How about planting low growing shrubs in there - heathers, hebes, lavenders, rosemary (low growing) .... or, plant alpine or rockery plants in there.
Your cordyline is not better in a pot, they're much happier in the ground.

3 Jul, 2010


thankyou pamg will have a look,,,,
thankyou louise1 got lots to think about, about my cordyline could i put it in the border then?? hope so wanted to but not sure?? :o)

3 Jul, 2010


Cordylines can go in most soils, so personally, i would put it in there.

You could place it in the centre - where that small circular bit of fence is, or, offset it to one of the corners - place it where 'you' find it pleasing.

It's going to grow a long trunk with greenery at the top, so you'll be able to plant around it ..... it's 'not' going to create a solid canopy of foliage that blocks light out at the base of it.

3 Jul, 2010


How about a row of lavendar that would look lovely and attract the bees?

3 Jul, 2010


wow thanks for replys will put pics up when i done it.... thanks again :o)

3 Jul, 2010

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