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By Loulou

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what is the best way to take a cutting from a fuschia?



Tip cuttings are so easy multi pot tips into a 3"pot about 6-8tip cuttings water well and leave for 3weeks in a coool place out of direct heat .

And in 3 weeks you should have well rooted fuchsia cuttings.

Good luck.

28 Jul, 2008


I do my fuschia cuttings by taking tip cutting and cutting 1" square wet oasis foam - make a hole in centre of foam - sit in a shallow container of water at all times allowing foam to be wet - not on leaves and see the roots grow. Gently take out of foam and plant in very small pot. Fuschias don't like lots of room. Keep potting up as they grow. Good luck!

29 Jul, 2008


Never heard of this method got plenty oasis willing to give a good ,good to hear of different methods.

I also read in a garden magazine article to get an old icream box fill with perilite and fill with water and stick fuchsia tip cuttings.

Nice to here of different methods.

29 Jul, 2008


thankyou for your tips i will be giving them a try as you can probably tell i am not a very good gardener but i like to keep my garden nice and if i can save some pennys buy using cuttings of the plants that ialready have it will be a big help thanks again lou lou

29 Jul, 2008

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