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What is it?


By Peter_b

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

We found four seeds in a twist of paper at the back of a kitchen drawer. The seeds were the size, shape and colour of black peppercorns. We potted them up in the greenhouse, and they've just gone mad and need potting on again now. We're not sure where the seeds came from, but our daughter thinks she might have brought them back from a holiday in Cyprus. We've gone through all our gardening books, including the RHS A-Z, and can't find a match for it. Any ideas anyone?

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Wow.I have no idea,try going on to a web site that supplies tropical plants and seeds.Secret seeds is one and exotic plants direct.see if you can see one it resembles.
whatever it is it is really pretty

28 Jul, 2008


I've looked in my book on wild flowers of the Mediterraean. Is it sticky, hairy and strong smelling?
If so, go wash your hands because it is poisonous!
It may be nicotiana tabacum, an annual growing to two metres. Originally from Argentina and Bolivia, it has naturalised in places in the Mediterranean

28 Jul, 2008


Thanks for that tip Bren - had a quick look with no joy, but will keep going. I'm glad to say Andrew that the leaves are silky smooth and the flowers have only a weak scent which is slightly 'musty' in nature.

28 Jul, 2008


Yes it looks like the nicotiana that infests our front bed. Its pretty but rather rampant and invasive once it gets going late summer and seems to have deep tap roots which make it almost impossible to get rid of once it gets embedded. Its now growing up through our tarmac drive. So take care. It produces seeds like minitiature hand grenades which should be a warning. It is said to be frost tender - and the frsot certainly knocks it back. But it comes up year after year in our Sussex garden and we are at a loss to know how to prevent it.

28 Jul, 2008


Thanks for your help everyone. You've nearly got me convinced - but not quite. The RHS A-Z describes Nicotiana as ..Genus of 67 species of rosette forming annuals, biennials, perennials and shrubs...A wide range, so it could be one of them. However, it also says they all have ...glandular hairy leaves... and this plant definately doesn't have hairy leaves. I wonder if the plant is too young yet to have acquired the hairy leaves. I planted seeds this April, and I'm now potting them on to a 10" pot which demonstrates how vigerous it is. The A-Z describes Nicotiana as ideal summer bedding annual....but given Kizibu's experience, I don't think I'll plant them out yet until I know exactly what they are !! Thanks again for your help.

29 Jul, 2008


could it be a member of the convulvus family?
just a thought

29 Jul, 2008

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