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glasgow, Scotland Sco


On plant blak n blu fingers



Could you please explain the question? Or do you just want some sympathy? If so, poor you - they must hurt!

27 Jul, 2008


hi spritzhenry ta for the sympathy jist wit a needed, anywie
wit it is am tryn tae landscape ma gerdin (1st timer),the tap bit is ok,thats styin the wie it is,jist a front lawn,it is the bit doon below,thats ma challenge,ye see it runs doon,slanted,ye no wit a mean,a dont want shrubz,am gonny try n make it a sort a feature gerdin,it draps doon fae the tap bit n it goes oan doon tae the hedge at the botum,wit am thinkin n dain is tae put up aboot 4 lenths a decorative panellin,at the bit wer it draps doon fae the tap bit,rite alang,then make a stairway fae ther doon tae the front,n bild brik planters,that lite up,doon the sides,n maybe put twin metal gates wer the hedge is? wit dae ye think a that then? ye c am no feart a hard work n am gonny try n dae it masel,if u hiv got any ideas ma frend that jist mite help mae gonny geis them. ta the jannie x .

28 Jul, 2008


Having problems with the glaswegian dialect!!! But yes, why not! Go for it! If I understand you correctly, it sounds like a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end.

28 Jul, 2008

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