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can anyone identify this grass?

essex, England Eng

some one gave me this grass at the end of the summer in a planted bowl, i am kind of guessing carex of some sort, but there are so many of them would be good to know the variety. it is clump forming approx 12 -18inches diameter, it has long thin arching leaves that are very flexible and soft to the touch but are the sort that cut you really easy - you can rub your finger along it one way but not the other (if that makes any sense) the leaves are approx 8-10" long and varigated the middle is cream and the outer edges lime green - and it seems to be completely frost hardy and would guess evergreen - not showing any signs of dying back and after this morning - i think it would! not sure if it is a flowering type - it has'nt flowered since i have had it, but i was given it at the end of august so it is possibly an early one - can any of you help?




As you say, there are lots of carex so it's difficult to be sure which one it is. I've got a similar one that I'm growing in semi shade that 'flowers' in spring (April/May)

15 Nov, 2007


yes that would make sense, mine is in semi shade too, and when i got it, it did have what could have been dried flower stems that had finished, i picked it over and planted, but that was in august - whats yours called, think i will list it under that and see if does flower in the spring, - if not will have to think again. thanks Andrew.

16 Nov, 2007


I think it's probably carex morrowii "Fisher's Form". It is evergreen but the leaves can look pretty tatty after a bad winter in which case they can be cut off and it grows new ones. I also give my borders a light feed in spring which will help

16 Nov, 2007


once again thanks Andrew, what do you normally feed with? i use soil improver mostly which i lay on quite thickly a few times a year as a mulch, and it works its self in - i don't do to much digging, just ruff the surface of the soil up a bit so it can get down quite easy. and occationaly i use miricle grow in the summer on flowering plants, or i have sequested iron which i use for my rhod's and azaleas etc which would you recommend?

16 Nov, 2007


I use a product called 6X which is composted chicken manure. It comes in large plastic sacks and I get mine from my local Notcutts Garden Centre. It is very strong and a little goes a long way (I have quite a large garden and three sacks is sufficient) I just sprinkle a handful to dust the surface of the soil and turn it in with a handfork in early spring. It pongs a bit too at first!

17 Nov, 2007


This looks very much like a carex oshimensis evergold. The dimensions fit too. I have a few of these dotted about in both sun and light shade doing well. They're not very demanding and are lovely and bright all year round. Not very impressive flowers come around late spring (I think). But as you point out, there are a few carexes about that look a bit samey. Please let me know if you get a confirmed I.D.

8 Dec, 2007


thanks Max, Andrew said that it could be C. morrowii 'Fisher's form' but no confirmed id as yet so i will have to see what the flowers look like and time of year ect before i really know which it is but thanks for the info much apreciated!

8 Dec, 2007


I would also agree with max, Carex oshimensis 'Evergold'

8 Dec, 2007

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