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Overwatering Oleanders in pots!!!


By Gipsy

France Fr

New plants have yellow leaves and i know this can be a sign of over-watering or the opposite.
Have had no dealings with Oleanders. JUST wanted to know if you can OVER_WATER them
Thanks to Marguerite for her reply. The reason they are in pots are that where I live we have sometimes minus 10 and therefore they need to be moved in the winter



Oh, that is very cold. see them in France too, perhaps I saw them only in the South, but they do get frost there too. OK, I don't know what your flag is, where you live that is. You can check for overwatering by putting a thin wooden stick in the pot to the bottom, does it come out dry or wet. Also, if you overwater, water should be running outof the pot through its drainholes. I would think perhaps not enough water. Mine were actually growing along the creek, so perhaps could drink enough in the ground. As I said before I never watered them.
See you, Gipsy and good luck, hope they get better.

26 Jul, 2008

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