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Acer palmatum dissectum

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I recently bought the above, repotted it in erricasios compost asper instructions the foliage is now turning brown and it looks as if it is dying. I live in a hard water area but have only watered it with boiled water or bottled water, what can I do to revive it?



we have grown our acer trees in all sorts of soils including sandy soil when we lived on the Isle of Wight and they all grew fab!! If I were you I'd just save the rainwater and water it with or use the tapwater but the rainwater is best. Did you tease the roots out when you repotted it? DId it get dry or are you overwatering. Looks like the tree didn't like the repotting. Perhaps with some TLC it will reshoot.
Most of ours do best just in the ground We have acers in the garden in clay soil. Hope this helps....Linda k.

26 Jul, 2008


Where is the pot standing? Make sure it is out of direct sunlight and sheltered from strong winds

26 Jul, 2008


perhaps you overdid the acidity...chlorine in household water will dissipate if left to sit for approx 24 hrs.

27 Jul, 2008


our plant sems to be dying off ,what could cause this ?

6 Oct, 2008

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