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Where have my Black Currants gone? I laughingly mentioned this in my recent blog. I have or had Red and Black Currants. Now this year my blackcurrants seem to have vanished. Before they ripened, obviously I couldn't tell the difference, but now they have ripened they are all red. Actually, the biggest and juiciest of them, are the bushes that should be black. Doesn't make sense. Was my joke about them changing colour/sex, true or false?



Did you net them? Because the birds will eat them all. Otherwise, maybe they weren't pollinated properly and didn't set viable fruits?

28 Jun, 2010


The bushes are still there and have bourne plenty of fruit, the problem is they've ripened as Red Currants. Every other year they've been black (which they're supposed to be) but for some unknown reason this year they're Red.

28 Jun, 2010


This can't actually happen unless they were grafted onto another type of currant and the rootstock has taken over.Are you sure that they are ripe enough? Red currants are sort of translucent, whereas blackcurrants are solid dark purple.

1 Jul, 2010


They are ripe enough and they are translucent. Thats what's so mind boggling. I only have two bushes which have obviously spread out slightly over the years. I've gone between them to check the root system, and I still only have two, as far as i'm concerned still one of each. I've picked my black currants year after year, but this year they're all red. If you go to my pics which I uploaded earlier today, you'll see what I mean, because I've taken a closeup of what were once black, and you'll see they are definately red AND translucent. This is why I'm so baffled. :o<)

1 Jul, 2010

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