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natural pond


By Teepee

United Kingdom Gb

We have a natural underwater stream in our garden that has forced its way up into the garden. I have now turned this into a muddy pond with a small stream leading to a stream running alon the bottom of the garden. How do I create this into a proper nice looking pond. Do I need a liner? At the moment it is just a mud hole! A lot of silt collects there. Don't know where to start!



Me neither! But I think riverstones in the bottom would be nice. I think a liner will do no good, as you say the water comes up from beneath. The mud will eventually settle and then you can put the stones in. But there are many pond experts here on the site, so just wait till they find your question too. What happens in winter with this natural underwater stream? Does it turn into a raging river? Do you have a water feature garden centre where you live? Perhaps they can give you some ideas, otherwise you might have to solve the problem by seeing a landscape architect.

25 Jul, 2008

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