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The garden for the new house I'm buying has a steep downward slope, it is flat from the house but towards the boundary there is a steep slope. This is the same for neighbouring properties and I see no way to level it. Does anyone have any ideas that would make this area beautiful and not 'wasteland' at the end of the garden?! Many thanks for your help.



Hi Charlie and welcome to GoY. I doubt there is any way to get rid of the slope could you terrace it? Also which way does it face?

20 Oct, 2014


My back garden has a steep slope at the bottom (it drops 6ft very quickly). It is south facing, so it is actually good for planting as I can grow less hardy plants on it as it gets more sun, so as MG has said, which way does it face?

I have thought of using gabions to level that part but it would involve asking 2 neighbours permission to raise a wall and fence and it will cost a lot to implement.

The bottom of the slope is damp, so I can grow damp loving plants there. At the top I grow Agave half hardy plants that demand free draining soil. So it is actually a blessing.

I did add 2 terraces to make it look landscaped.

20 Oct, 2014


If this was FB I'd have 'liked' Botanic!

20 Oct, 2014


I would suggest that you look at the pictures of Annella's garden as she has a very steep slope and has managed it extremely well.

22 Oct, 2014

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