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Hallo fellow gardeners. A few weeks ago I was asked to help start a seed swap system on this site. As a fan of 'GOY', I was delighted to help by sorting out and posting for exchange some packets of seeds that I don't want to plant for various reasons.

But where is the response? I am very puzzled! Have I and the others posted the wrong sort of seeds? Don't you like the idea? What is wrong?

I have only completed one exchange with another member, and had one enquiry from abroad (obviously not feasible due to postage).

Please, members, it's your site - support this great idea. It only costs the price of a stamp! Waiting to hear from you....:-)




I would love to have participated Spritz but being abroad I can't : ( I would have definitely gone for the Cosmos as I've not seen them here

10 Nov, 2007


i have some seeds that i proberly wont use but as i am not sure which ones i will use yet so i have'nt put them up, - i bought loads last year for the spring and not going to have room for all of them. also i have found out that some of the poppy seeds i bought are toxic plants so wont use them in the back garden where my two year old plays - but might be able to get some in the front - but as i am in the process of redoing my front garden wanted to wait until i know whats where before i decide. but i think its a great idea and would love to take part, just need a few more weeks to sort it out. so hold fire spritz i'll be with you soon lol ! - i live in essex by the way so no probs with posting for me!

10 Nov, 2007


I very rarely grow anything from seed these days. For some very odd reason I have failed utterly to get any to germinate for a very long time so I no longer bother and have also stopped collecting seeds from any of our plants.

10 Nov, 2007


hi Spritz, i have been rumaging through my shed this afternoon and found a couple of packets i don't want they are:Lathryrus odoratus (Sweet Pea T&M prize strain mixed) and Papaver somniferum 'Seriously Scarlet' -(Double Opium Poppy) i have taken picture of the packets, how do i go about putting them up for the swap? i will proberly have more in the next couple of weeks once i have my front garden sorted.

16 Nov, 2007


Hi majeekahead. The seed swap is found on the plants tab or directly at

16 Nov, 2007


thanks Ajay will go and have a look at that now.

16 Nov, 2007


There is no particular problem with sending seeds abroad, restrictions or customs to deal with and the post office has a list of counrtries that have restrictions the post office clerk at your local post office will have a chart he can check for you.
Looking at the prices from the sending items abroad leaflet airmail prices up to 100g to Europe small packets is £1.19 for 100g small packet rate at home is £1.09. the only thing here is if you only had a few seeds to send they would be likely to go large letter rate and there is no large letter rate for airmail.
What it amounts to is that it is not out of the question to seed swap nowadays with our European neighbours. The states too may not have restrictions and that is not much dearer £1.31 for 100g small packet rate. For unusual or difficult to obtain seed it may be worth paying that bit extra.

18 Nov, 2007


what a great idea, i have just joined this site this evening and am looking forward to checking out my garden tomorrow to see what seeds i can find to give away or swap. So come on everyone i am certain that there are loads of folk out there who have seeds left over so get collecting. I work for a community hospital with lovely gardens and we run a therapy gardening group for our patients undergoing rehabilitation after head injuries and other neuroological conditions so we are always looking for new seed varieties that are easy to sow and grow.

26 Aug, 2008


just found this out would love to swap seeds

15 Mar, 2009


I was told about the seed exchange today and i had to leave the site and google the exchange section to locate it on the site. I think a major problem is there is no link on the home page t the seed exchange.

29 Aug, 2009


Yes there is - but it's a bit elusive! Click on 'garden plants' at the very bottom of this page, then you'll find the link right at the bottom of that page on the right.

29 Aug, 2009

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