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Tree bark damage

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I have a crab apple tree (Profusion) that has bark damage and only noticed when I saw a green woodpecker at the damaged site trying to get at the insects. I was wondering what I could do? (This may appear barmy, but it makes some sense to me!) I have some stockholm tar which I was going to use to fill the damage then cover it with gaffer tape, this would stop water getting into the site and also the bugs. The damage is two thirds down the tree and 6" long by 1" wide. Suggestions please other than chopping it down.



Not tar, no. Gaffer tape on its own would be better, but clear tape better still or actually nothing at all except to stop the woodpecker enlargingthe damage. As long as it is only a small percentage of the girth of the tree it is not a problem. It will heal if left alone.

24 Jul, 2008


Thank you very much

25 Jul, 2008


There are commercial products available to seal cuts when you have to trim trees, maybe these would work on this damage. A question though. What is a green woodpecker?

25 Jul, 2008


A not so common woodpecker bird that's green. Not so common as the greater spotted woodpecker (one that's black/white and red)

25 Jul, 2008


I have to ask where in the US you are, Notsogreen. cause I am in the southeast and I've never heard of either of these birds. I see from wikipedia these are european and/or asian birds. where in the US are you seeing these? I don't mean to be so nosy but I love birds and birdwatching.

25 Jul, 2008


I am actually in North Essex, United Kingdom. The bird is called a Picus viridis (Green Woodpecker). A woodland bird that feeds on the ants' nests in lawns and insect larvae in tree trunks and branches.

26 Jul, 2008


O boy, on my laptop when I look at your avatar it says you are in the US. Totally confusing, but I guess that explains the problem, sorry about that!! We have a large woodpecker in the US that feeds the same way called a Flicker (Colaptes auratus). Anyway thanks for that info, I'm always interested to learn about birds!

26 Jul, 2008

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