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Why are some of my buzy lizzies losing their flowers and leaves as if they were victims of slugs or snails when there are none of these around.



I am experiencing a similar problem. Last week buzy lizzies looked lovely, this week they are starting to look very stalky, losing leaves and flowers, they are well watered and fed with miracle grow last week. If I didn't know better I would think the cold had got to them, but clearly it hasn't been cold! Have you uncovered the problem, I would love any advice.

24 Jul, 2008


Hello Kerry1 - I uprooted some of my buzy lizzies today and took them to the nursery where I bought them: I talked to a very nice young man who knew instantly what the problem was: he said they had a mildew which only affected buzy lizzies and watering them in the last few days just spread the disease along the row: nothing could be done and he advised me not to plant there next year: anything else would be OK. If you see little spots on the back of the leaves, then yours is the same problem I should think.

25 Jul, 2008

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