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what type of plant is this.

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

What are the white spots,its killing the plant.




Looks like a Lotus to me.To the flowers look like parrot's beak.?

24 Jul, 2008


Is it Lampranthus? I have two but they are refusing to flower at present. When do they flower?

24 Jul, 2008



24 Jul, 2008


Its just finished flowering june, iam in the uk.

24 Jul, 2008


This is a type of mesembryanthemum, grown widely in Spain to cover walls, terraces and to have in pots, very beautiful jewel like colours,there is a branching upright type or trailing type, all are small plants but the trailers look stunning hanging over a wall, I had many colours of these in my Spanish garden.

24 Jul, 2008


WHAT IS IT THEN mesembryanthemum OR Lampranthus?

24 Jul, 2008


Yes celandine you're right, I've had a look at lampranthus on the net and these are the same lovely plants I had. The local garden centre in Catalunya where I bought my original plants had them labelled as Mesems, but this was probably a local term. Definitely Lampranthus Bazza7777!

24 Jul, 2008


We need a close up to see the white spots! Mine only had about two flowers and then gave up!

25 Jul, 2008

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