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Bromeliad/orchid question


By Raquel

Texas, United States Us

How often should you water bromeliads? I got a beautiful one for my office (I now have windows!!) and have kept wate ring between the leaves, as told, but notice some drain quicker than others - should I wait to water until all the leaves no longer have water? Or should I refill the empty spaces between the leaves as they happen?

Also, do you think an orchid would do well in an office? I get plenty of mostly indirect light, and it does get quite warm, even with the air conditioning.

Thanks much!



Hello Raquel,
Don't worry, as long as there is water in the central rosette of the bromeliad (rainwater best) it will keep well. Do not over water the soil as it does not like sitting in wet conditions. Sit pot on a layer of gravel and keep moist to provide humidity. Do not site in direct sun light.

Your environment sounds ideal for orchids. Go to home page and select 'Plants' > Orchids. You will find our orchid members whom can give you excellent advice if you mail them directly. Ams

25 Jul, 2008

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