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Dutch Iris. I'm going to give some Dutch Iris (Bronze Beauty) a go for the first time this year and am wondering if they get decent drainage will they be reliable each year or will they be simlilar to hybrid tulips (not species) - do well in their first year and deteriorate there after?
The reason I ask is that I have 25 bulbs and if they are to be reliable, I would plant them in smaller groups dotted around but if not, I'd rather plant them in one large group and enjoy them as a larger clump in 1 year.



I've had them come back for several years and I don't know whether they gave up or whether i dug them up when I forgot they were there.

23 Sep, 2014


Thanks for taking time to answer Stera - it's much appreciated. I'm sure that's what happens to some of my bulbs too :)

24 Sep, 2014


I had some for 7 yrs then when we had the conservatory built the builder just chicked the soil as he didn't know there were bulbs etc in there.

so go for it, they are hardy, need good drainage full sun and enjoy them they are a lovely one.

24 Sep, 2014


I have definitely had them come back, but they don't seem to come back exactly in "drifts"...So my rule of thumb, unless you are ten years old, plant in clumps and divide, rather than have just a few until you forget where they are.

28 Jan, 2015

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