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By Edgar

Wrexham, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone,
Has anyone got an idea what the cause of fine gossamer spider webs over my entire conifer hedge could be?
I assume that it is some sort of out of control spider.
Hedge is being cut next week.
Can you suggest a treatment for afterward?
Sorry can't add a photo, pretty useless with computer.
Thanks in anticipation.



Fairly normal for this time of year. Ignore them, they do no harm and even do good by eating greenfly. No problem cutting the hedge and once the weather turns cooler, the spiders will hibernate for winter.

21 Sep, 2014


And they are beautiful after rain (if it ever does...)
Remember spiders do us huge favours by catching flies etc - better to welcome them.

21 Sep, 2014


And forget the headlines in the gutter press, Spiders are not a problem in this country unless you are very very unlucky. Only a problem for people who suffer from arachnophobia.

22 Sep, 2014


If the hedge itself is healthy, then the webs you're seeing are, as the others say, perfectly normal for this time of year. There've probably been a fair few for a while, but in September/October, when dews are heavy, they're much more easily visible on all kinds of plants and hedges.

22 Sep, 2014


Thanks to all who replied to my question re hedge spider.
Most grateful to all.

22 Sep, 2014

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