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Support for Climbing Hydrangea?


By Britta

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am growing three Climbing Hydrangeas on a pergola (north facing wall) and it seems they are quite happy there as they have put growth on but I am wondering will they climb their way up the pergola or do they need support or ties to climb?

Also should I prune the side shoots out to encourage upwards growth or is it best leaving the shoots for fullness?




Thse plants are liie Ivy in that they have adventitious roots whch cling to whatever they touch. I have to admot that the only thing we have ever done with ours is to remove the dead flowers in pruning. no training. It grows up the side of a corrugated iron shed very happily.

23 Jul, 2008


Hi, thanks for that, thought they would do that but ours doesnt seem to want to cling yet but then patience has never been my strength.

It just looked so odd as one branch seems to go around the pole and the other seems to go the opposite side...

Looking at my parents they have wound themselves happily around the pergola and are absolutely beautyful!

23 Jul, 2008


It would be much better on a solid surface, it is not a twining plant ,you will have to tie it to the upright of your pergola, you will find then that where it touches it will adhere.

23 Jul, 2008


Ah, thanks so much for that tip! I will try to tie it on and see if that is ok otherwise I am probably best findind a different spot for it :O)))) thanks so much

23 Jul, 2008

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